There are a few ways in which I collaborate via the internet/technology, the first of which is the obvious, through social media. First and foremost, I’m a Twitter-fiend. I use Twitter to make connections with other people, namely celebrities such as actors and musicians and professional wrestlers. I try to get their attention and make conversation with them, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. It’s more beneficial in that I’ve made a couple of connections with some highly regarded writers/journalists that are involved with professional wrestling. Yes, I know to most people, “highly regarded” and “professional wrestling” don’t typically belong in the same sentence. I hope one day to make enough of an impact with these aforementioned gentlemen that I too might be able to crack into that world and have my opinions regarded very highly… As if they shouldn’t be already. I also utilize Facebook to connect with friends. I feel like I utilize trust, as Rheingold puts it, because I’ll “like” statues and pictures on Facebook and retweet peoples Tweets. This allows my friends that I know well and those that I don’t to see they can trust me because I value their opinions.┬áSecondly, I use forums via the website to discuss the events of professional wrestling, past and present, of which I am an avid fan. I link up with other users and oftentimes we get into huge debates on which wrestler or angle is better than another and why or why not. It can get very, very heated. Sometimes I’ll form connections with other users through commonalities similarly to how Rheingold describes. Thirdly, a few close-friends and I have recently started a Podcast that is available through iTunes for free called, HaloYeah! There are 5 (and sometimes more) of us that record ourselves during online play of Halo. We discuss the game itself but more often the conversation turns to other forms of entertainment and just casual social ideas of the day. It’s pretty fun and I would encourage any one, Halo player or not, to check us out.


ds106 assignment “Creeping on a Movie”

Creeping on Movies


So the assignment from DS106 that I chose was “Creeping on a Movie.” We had to edit a picture from a movie and add a picture of ourselves. I chose this scene from Freddy vs. Jason. Using Pixlr I was able to “photoshop” a picture I had on Facebook and insert it into this scene. I had to use a YouTube tutorial video which was really helpful. I did share it via Instagram and Facebook and got a few funny comments.