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The Way It Should’ve Been

So for our DS106 assignment 2, I went with a FanFic assignment entitled, “The Way It Should Have Been,” where we were supposed to take a scene from a movie or book that we like and change it. I actually chose a scene from a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy. I know that’s a TV show, but this scene has really effected me over the last few weeks. In the original scene (spoiler alert), my favorite character on the show, Opie is shockingly murdered in prison. I decided this scene was perfect to “enhance.” So without further adieu:

“No!” Opie declared as he head butted the guard, sealing his fate. With one act of defiance, Opie had nominated himself to go into the secluded cell to fight to the death against, God only knows how many gang bangers, hand selected by Pope for his revenge.

Opie was thrown into the cell all the while his three friends, Jax, Tigg and Chibbs looked on helpless, banging on the bullet proof glass that separated their friend from death, pleading with him.

“Keep it interesting, shithead!” ordered the guard.

The main guard tossed a lead pipe into the center of the room. This was Opie’s only hope, but once again, God only knew how many bloodthirsty thugs would be coming through the door on the opposite side of the room.

As his friends, his fellow club members, his brothers, looked on, “I got this,” was, once again, all Opie could mutter. Then a single spot light shown in the center of the room, shining down over Opie, and the door on the opposite wall opened and four large gangsters stalked through the door, surrounding Opie. Opie brushed his hair out of his face and clutched the pipe tightly, taking a swing at the thug number one, shattering his jaw.

A second tried to choke Opie from behind, but Opie flipped the banger over his shoulder and onto the first guy who was clutching at his face, blood pouring from his mouth. Like a bolt of lightning, Opie smashed the pipe over the second punk’s head, crushing his skull, rolling into the corner of the room where his friends could no longer see him through the window.

His back against the wall, Opie charged the two remaining guys hulking in the center of the room, back into Jax’s view, clotheslining one with pipe, shattering his larynx, leaving the guy hopeless on the floor, blood gurgling from his mouth. The man tried to release a scream, but there was just too much blood. He coughed and gagged and rolled away.

Three down and one to go, oddly enough, the biggest left for last. Opie dropped the pipe to the side of the cell and with his hands waved the guy over. This was personal, and so it would end, personally.

The two behemoths traded blow for blow, punch for punch. One of the gang banger’s teeth went flying and as cuts opened, the blood flowed from both men.  At the last second, Opie managed to hit a left hook above the banger’s left eye and the man staggered back. Opie used a right hook to the man’s gut to leave him breathless and as the man staggered once more, Opie quickly grabbed the pipe and, in an upward, diagonal thrust, across the face, ended the man’s life.

None of the members of SAMCRO looking on believed it would be possible.

Opie was left breathless, crouched in the middle of the cell, surveying the wreckage when the same door the thugs originally entered through, opened once more. This time, it was Pope and the head guard.

“You done pretty well for yourself, son,” said Pope. “I must admit, I’m quite impressed with you Sons of Anarchy. Perhaps we can work out a deal and end this misery between us.”

Just then the door that Opie was pushed through was opened and Jax and Opie were reunited face to face. Jax was as shocked as the guard and Pope.

“What’d you have in mind?” asked Jax.

The scene ends as Jax and Pope shake hands and Opie is reunited with his brothers.


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