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Online news posting/Twitter chat

I participated in a chat on an online news source at Marietta Daily Journal’s website:

The article was about my former high school, Pope and their football team making the play offs this year. The article was significant to me simply because when I went to school there, our football team was pretty terrible (no offense to any one that might be reading this). None the less, we still loved going to every game if for no other reason than it was something fun to do. So it’s cool to check in on the Greyhounds and see that they at least went to the playoffs this year. Seems that the two others that commented on the article were upset about officiating in spite of the fact that they won, which seemed odd to me. I wondered if they were students that were upset about not winning by a landslide. 

I also participated in #EngChat on Twitter way back on October 22. It was pretty interesting to see all the teachers and english enthusiasts that were participating. Unfortunately, I did not receive much feedback, but a couple of retweets from my classmates. 


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