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Where I’m From

I’m from East Cobb

I’m from Suburbia

I’m from hide and seek on Saturdays

I’m from kick ball and kick the can

I’m from adventures in “the woods”

I’m from riding your skateboard all the way down “Kill-ya-Hill”

I’m from video store trips when you’re sick

I’m from wrestling matches in the living room

I’m from toy guns made from big sticks

I’m from SNICK and Nick at Nite

I’m from appreciate what you’ve got

I’m from get a job and save your money

I’m from East Cobb

I grew up in East Cobb county, Georgia, playing games outside with your friends. As a kid the master narrative did not exist. My master narrative is that East Cobb is home to upper-middle class people, aka the “East Cobb Snobs.” In East Cobb, stereotypically the parents are rich and the kids are spoiled. Everyone gets a brand new sports car when they’re 16. Everyone lives in million-dollar homes, and everyone takes extravagant trips whenever they feel like it. The few kids that get into trouble and have their parents bail them out. My counter narrative is that not everyone who lives or comes from East Cobb is rich nor spoiled. Some of us had to get jobs at 15 to learn responsibility and to save for our first cars that we bought ourselves. Some of us avoided trouble and if we found it, our parents weren’t there to bail us out. They were there to reinforce the authority. I am proud to come from East Cobb in spite of the jokes people make about it.



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