Mr. Byrnside’s Bad News

After this weekend’s Extreme Rules and this week’s RAW, I decided I would revitalize my blog and share a few thoughts and opinions.

First and foremost, with the amount of part-time stars and injuries, it seems the WWE is finally starting to pull the trigger on some new characters in an effort to build new stars.

Joe Hennig’s ability has been “overlooked” for far too long. But Curtis Axel finally has a chance. He’s been given a golden opportunity in being a Paul Heyman guy. Heyman can teach him subtle psychology that cannot easily be taught and in the mean time continue getting him over as a proper heel.

Supposedly Hennig has been one of Triple H’s pet projects and that showed last night on RAW. Triple H suffered some sort of an injury (most likely) at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Hopefully from here on Heyman and Axel will continue to milk that Curtis Axel was the main cause of Triple H’s anguish. If genetic predisposition is any indicator, Curtis Axel has all of the talent in the world to become “The Next Big Thing,” all he needs is a shove in the right direction and that very well can and, more than likely, will be Paul Heyman.

At Extreme Rules a lot of people were worried that John Cena would go over Ryback, and Ryback would continue to look weak. That didn’t happen. A lot of people complained about the finish of the match, but I thought it was appropriate and the match quality itself even surprised me. Technically, Cena is still the champion and Ryback looked like a BA in the process. What’s to complain about? The rematch at Payback will more than likely mean another win for Cena based on a technicality, but Ryback just isn’t ready to adorn the WWE title.

Fandango still looks a little shaky in the ring. Some people are saying that during their match at Extreme Rules Jericho’s timing may have been a bit off, but I don’t see how that can be possible. Nevertheless, Fandango as a character continues to entertain me. His antics on RAW were just funny but still did the job as far as heels go.

Wade Barrett has new music, which is an improvement.

Mark Henry seemingly took his ball and went home after Extreme Rules. Why? He’s been untouchable lately as a heel. He should be challenging Cena for the title in my opinion, not Ryback.

A small thing that I noticed during last night’s RAW was Zack Ryder’s match with Cody Rhodes. No, he didn’t win. But he wasn’t squashed either. And throughout the match he continued to show new signs of aggression and life. Then Ryback came down and pulverized him, throwing him into an ambulance. Is it strange that I am kind of hoping this means we won’t see Ryder for a few weeks or even months? Maybe Ryder can come back repackaged with a new attitude. This is probably a long shot, but I’m still kind of hoping for a reunion with Curt Hawkins, maybe as heels.

SIERRA. HOTEL. INDIA. ECHO. LIMA. DELTA. SHIELD. Need I say more? Their ascension to superstardom continues and their matches at Extreme Rules and last night’s RAW only solidify my point. ImageThey’ve got “all” of the gold, and they made relatively short work of their respective, well-qualified champions. Hopefully they’ll hang onto the titles for some time in an effort to reestablish the belts as legitimate prizes.

Another possibly long shot I’d love to see happen is a heel turn for Daniel Bryan. Last night’s RAW showed us a segment where Bryan and Kane argued over who was the weak link that cost them the tag titles. I’d like to see Bryan’s character re-evolve into something more serious. Potentially they could continue wrestling tag matches and even invoke their rematch clause with Rollins and Reigns at Payback, lose, and then split because of their issues. Unfortunately that’s something I don’t see happening simply because of the efforts being made to revitalize the tag team division.

Where were Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow this week?

Where does this week leave fellas like Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton? I’d like to see some responses in the comments or on Twitter.

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